Internship at Wicked Society

As part of my education at Medieinstitutet i had my very first Internship at Wicked Society.

Wicked Society is a marketing company specialized in influencer marketing, pr event and social media management. The company have customers like 20th century fox and Warner Bros. Also newly made a clothing collection with Izabella Lupascu.

Bella Lupascu – Not your business
Wicked Society
Wicked Society – Instagram

Work Tasks

  • Brainstorming, come up with ideas to use in pitches to customers.
  • Read and study past pitches
  • Do brand and target group analysis
  • Workshops, be part of Wicked Society’s workshops. Where we focus on developing the company’s own projects and products.
  • Research and locate fitting influencers for campaigns and cooperations.
  • Communicate with the influencers and pitch corporations.

  • Plan and execute a screening of the movie The course of La Llorona.
  • Plan and pack gift boxes for selected influencers containing an invitation to the event
  • Collect data from social media for analysis
  • Plan, research and purchase everything for the event  
  • Collect data and statistic from Fox Instagram profile
  • Social media management
  • Plan, create content (copy, find material to publish, hashtags, edit) for Fox Instagram and Facebook profile

Screening of The curse of La Llorona

During my time at Wicked Society they had a marketing event for the movie The curse of La Llorona.
With Warner Bros. Sweden and Delight Studios we created an influencer screening for the movie The curse of La Llorona.
The goal were to create brand awareness and sell tickets by educating our influencers and their followers in the curse of La Llorona.

We lead them thru the most vital parts of the movie in different phases of the event. Helping our influencers by adding value to their content creation, and in this way reach their followers with genuine and well branded quality content.

We choose to incorporate the horror from the movie into the event too enhance the experience of the movie and make it more memorable. This showed in the guests reviews of the movie and event on social media.

To prolong the campaign of the movie and educate our guests beforehand, we sent out gift boxes, both before and after to 15 chosen influencers. The gift boxes was within the movies theme and contained a spiritual healing kit with white sage, incense, sea salt and rose-beads. This kit had the purpose to help the receiver to clean their soul before the screening or clean it after. Just in case something not so nice followed with you home.