I have a passion for a lot of things. But these 3 is what i focus on and can provide right now.


I am a photographer in my spare time and for hire. If yo want to hire me i do product photography, weddings and portraits. Also i love to shoot portraits of mans furry best friends. Cats, dogs, horses you name it, I love them all!

Digital Marketing

I am currently studying digital marketing at Medieinstitutet. If you are interested i would love for you to send me a mail. Maybe you want some tips and recommendations or want help with your company. During my education i will have LIA (learning while working) two times at two different companies, if you think your company would be a good fit just send me a mail and i’ll answer as soon as can.

Content Writer.

I have been working with a company specialized in content optimized for SEO and am currently working with MYO Gaming as a news and review writer.